straight lines

straightlinesfbcoverMy first poetry collection straight lines was published by Mulla Mulla Press in August 2018. I am thrilled to have the book out, and am enjoying seeing more and more people connect with the poems.

Peden’s work is deceptively simple yet very powerful. It is political, poignant and pointed, abundant with potent lines and provoking ideas.  – Writing WA

tightly written with precise language and imagery […] There is an intensity to the poems in Straight Lines—an urgency, a need to explore, infiltrate, uncoil, get under the skin of life lived in our times. – Vivienne Glance

Sanna Peden’s verses tear down the fourth wall, creating a space where the reader and poet are intimately embraced. Her linguistic littoral is an electric space filled with memory, a sharp ear for word-play and tonnes of modern mysticism. Achingly and eerily authentic. – Scott-Patrick Mitchell

In straight lines Sanna Peden scribes the space between the close and familiar and the distant and new. Her lines are dense with metaphor, with word-sounds and filmic scenes, from the Fremantle line to a day in Prague. She uses language’s sharpest blade to point at what’s uniquely amiss in Western Australia. Her lover-lines show both passion and compassion for a never-perfect world, and hold hope for humanity. – Tineke Van der Eecken

You can buy the book at Crow Books, New Edition Bookshop, directly from the publisher or from me personally at a poetry reading – see my facebook page for details on upcoming events.