Writing about writing that thing about (not) writing

Recently I got to write a guest post for Make Your Own Rabbit Hole, which is an excellent blog about recovering creativity, packed with tips and advice and all kinds of insight. Also, asterisks. So many asterisks.

Because Rabbit is but a beginning media mogul he forgot to tell me which royal commission to push for, so I just wrote about Stewart Lee, my spiritual king. Pretty sweet gig. This quick collaboration was great fun: it’s wonderful having an enthusiastic co-conspirator to hold you accountable for getting something finished.*

A highlight of the process was getting to see the illustration Rabbit prepared for the post – which was a colouring-in page! I’m a compulsive doodler, so I was (am!) over the moon. To sort of close the loop I followed Rabbit’s advice about rediscovering play, and started my colouring-in in a tree house. And, err, found it difficult to stop.


*As an educator I’m au fait with the merits of frequent low-stakes assessment. It’s only now occurring to me, though, that it might be a worthwhile thing to deliberately apply to other parts of life as well.

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