I, (spoken word) poet

Last year I started writing and performing poetry as a means to train myself to finish creative things and get used to sharing the results with others.*  Recently I was lucky enough to have my first experience as a feature poet, and enjoyed it enormously. In the time I’ve been experimenting with poetry – judging by the number of prestigious literary journals that have rejected my poems, and how well people have responded to my spoken word material – I’ve realised that I might indeed be a performance poet (it helps when enough people say it to your face). So, on a whim I had the set filmed, and here they are, for posterity: my five poems from Perth Poetry Club, 13 February 2016.

(If someone has a non-creepy way of letting Christian Keathley know he sorta-kinda inspired a love poem that would be great.)

*See my autopedagogical footnote here.

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